A Wedding celebration at the arlington estate

M&G had to cancel their wedding in 2021 due to the covid-related restrictions that so many other couples also had to deal with.

They made a decision.

They still married. Became husband and wife. 
No party was held after. And they communicated their desire to celebrate with family and friends at a simpler time in the near future when restrictions where lifted and everyone felt safer.

A gracious choice, a beautiful promise of joy, based on faith, hope and love.

Enjoy M&G's wedding celebration at The Arlington Estate!

You know when they say "confidence photographs well"? EXACTLY.
I also have a post about that ;)

I can't get over these ladies! Such stunners.
Random fact:
Did you know that matching bridesmaids dresses were supposed to confuse evil spirits and stop them from getting to the bride on her wedding day??

Time for the room reveal before the guests arrive...

This black and white has to be one of my favourite moments I captured of them!
Love, love, love.

Let's get the party started!!



marina and greg

Reminding you of why you are dong this- love and family

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